Mixing & Mastering Prices and Special Offers 2009

Gold Mastering;

Rp.400.000 per song

Rp.300.000 per song (when more than 3 songs)

Rp.3.000.000 per CD (maximum 10 songs)

Platinum Mastering;

Rp.5.000.000  per CD  (Red Book CD Mastering) Highest Quality

Mixing (Please check our FAQ page for preparaton for Mixing & Mastering Services)

Rp.350.000  per  Song (Maximum 24 tracks)

Rp.300.000 per song when more than 3 songs

Mixing & Mastering Packages

Call per song (Maximum 24 tracks)

Call per song when more than 3 songs

Call per Song (25 to 48 Tracks)

Call Complete CD (maximum 10 songs) (Red Book CD) Highest Quality


Call  per song

*If the Remix is for a label release, then we have to speak about the terms.

Online Drumming & Drum Programming;

Drums played  or programmed for your song

Rp.500.000 per song

Rp.450.000 (when more than 3 songs)


Telp :



YM :


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