CD Mastering, Audio Mastering

I provide world-class audio CD mastering for independent musicians. Audio Mastering is the last creative step before replication – the last chance to modify your recorded performance and take your music to another level.

What is Audio & CD Mastering?

My mastering equipment will make sure your music is ready for commercial release. With the help from state-of-the-art digital EQ, compression and limiters your finished product will sound radio ready in no time. In the recording studio, you record one song at a time, and the focus of the recording or mixing engineer is to make each song great. The result, however, is generally a collection of songs that all peak at different levels and may have different EQs. In the post-production phase (called mastering), as an engineer I unify the CD by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing to give it a consistent sound from track to track.

Mp3 Mastering

I can help you and your band get ready for the internet like myspace. I’ll make sure that your songs sound their best before you put them online. It’s pretty much the same process as CD mastering. Red book I master according to Sony Red Book standard.

Free CD-Mastering

Want to find out what I can do for your music? Send me one of your tracks and I will master it free of charge. Send the file to my email . You got nothing to loose.

FTP Album mastering upload you can do to my secure server.

When you decide to use my service I will give you a username and password. Price I charge 20 US dollars pr. track. Other services I can provide you with information about duplication plants for your cd in the Indonesia. Anything else you wonder about just contact me.


Telp : 0856-972-53883




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